AUTOLOG introduces its NEW GEN 3 Log Optimizer

Available January 2019

Posted on September 12, 2018

Autolog is proud to introduce our new GEN 3 Log Optimizer system at booth #353 at the TP&EE Expo in Portland, Oregon.

The design of our new solution includes many new features that respond to the growing demands within our industry. Here is a sneak peak of some of these key features:

Performance features:

  • Can replicate any curve sawing from downstream machine
  • Better True Shape modelling
  • Select solution based on a risk factor (rotation error for example)
  • Minimum face (width and length) can be defined for each face (left, right, top and bottom)
  • Optimizer can minimize mechanical movement by using last solution (controlled by a maximum loss factor)
  • Possibility to define a set of active sawing patterns, a set of not valid sawing patterns (exclusion list) OR let the optimizer decide the best one to use

Simulation features:

  • Easy comparison tool to analyze multiple simulations results
  • Live simulation which compares side to side solutions from live production logs optimized with different parameters
  • Save as much as 20,000 logs per simulation lot
  • Optimization advanced analysis tool, allowing user to test alternate solutions by forcing a sawing pattern or adding a sideboard

For a live demonstration, visit Autolog’s booth #353 as we showcase our new GEN 3 Log Optimizer in a fully operational modular frame.

For more product information, click here.

GEN 3 Optimiseur de billes

Download (PDF)

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