Installation of our Carriage Optimizer at Stag Timber

“It was very well appreciated how Autolog listened to all of our needs and did exactly what we wanted 100%."

Posted on April 10, 2015

With today’s technological advances and fast-paced productivity, sawmills have come to rely on systems to help optimize their output. That is where Autolog comes in. As a world-class optimization and process control systems manufacturer, we offer high value-added solutions to all who wish to maximize their productivity, flexibility and ultimately their profitability.

One of our valued customers, Stag Timber of the Teal-Jones Group in Surrey BC, was looking to do just that by optimizing their Carriage.

They came to choose Autolog not only for our superior quality product but for our superior quality of service and personal approach.

“It was very well appreciated how Autolog listened to all of our needs and did exactly what we wanted 100%. They are a well-established and reliable company that we can depend on. We highly recommend Autolog.” (Allan Bose of Stag Timber).

Among the many key features our Carriage Optimizer has to offer, Stag Timber chose our system as it allows for quick, high precision scanning due to its high frequency multiple laser lines full-profile scanner. It is easy to set up and operate thanks to our well mounted scanners that are close to one another and easy to get to, our simplified architecture and user friendly interface. Not to mention great support.

Here are a few other key features to our Carriage Optimizer system:

  • High precision ScanMegTM full-profile scanner reaches an accuracy of 0.025"
  • Visible class II eye safe laser technology
  • Linear scan with encoder or snapshot scan function modes
  • Will fit any mechanical configuration
  • True Shape modelling
  • Best opening face (BOF) or Minimum opening face (MOF) optimization modes
  • Supports curve sawing systems
  • Unlimited production parameter files
  • Unlimited number of products configurable and optimization based on price or volume
  • Configurable prioritization of the boards produced in the cant vs those produced in the slab
  • Full optimization of the log considering the turning sequence
  • Considers wane and skip of the boards in the optimization
  • Possibility of excluding products in predetermined logs (for example, not doing 8’ long boards in longer logs)
  • Optimizes according to planer target dimensions
  • User can simulate and do board capture without interfering with the production
  • Customizable, independent and secured by password user session
  • Fast and easy calibration
  • Logfile, alarm history and automatic save archives
  • Integrated report system

Mr. Bose shared with us that our approach is a cut above the rest as we not only demonstrated the quality of our system through our state-of-the-art technology, but through the very competent and knowledgeable field technicians who are backed up by the office personnel who are also part of the start-up team. They appreciated how we answered to their needs by adapting the solution accordingly.

Challenge in this project: Our customer produces a multitude of different products and therefore had to reprogram the parameters to support the large quantity of changes in their orders.

Technical solution: To reduce the reprogramming effort and the risk of error, Autolog redesigned part of the software which provided the customer with the possibility to generate unlimited production parameter files to support the large quantity of changes. This upgrade is now offered in all of our optimizers as a standard off-the-shelf item.

The start-up at Stag Timber was over a weekend and it was quick and on schedule.

All of our quality and technology elements are focused on providing the customer with the most value for their Autolog investment. Our strategy is to optimize Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment, and to develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers, through customized products, services and training.

This is the Autolog experience. Contact us today to “start-up” your experience and join the growing number of customers who have already signed on for our Carriage Optimizer!

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