Autolog tally system – a new generation product

Board tally systems have been around for many years and are still being used as an important management tool by almost all sawmills.

Posted on June 25, 2015

Initially these systems were simple and sold to the industry by control suppliers ranging from single person owner up to large sawmill manufacturing companies. In the early years, the needs were minimal and the objective was to replace the traditional pointer grader by generating simple reports at the end of each shift. Over time the needs increased and, thanks to the technology, the possibility of such tools became a must have for almost all sawmills especially in hardwood.      

Autolog started its operation in 1987 and their first system sold was a lumber sorter control with reporting software (tally). Right from the beginning, the company became an important supplier for tally systems and soon became a reference in the industry with this technology.

The primary tool in an Autolog sorter & tally system is the user interface. The next most important element in a tally system and similar products is its ability to run nonstop in a rough environment.

Autolog has come up with a newly updated tally system design that greatly augments the overall robustness of both the software and hardware components, offering peace of mind and maximum uptime. 

This new generation high efficient system is already in operation in a mill located in North East US with another system ready to be installed in the same area.

More and more customers are asking for this technology and Autolog, with more than 28 years of experience, is the pioneer leading the technology.        


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