Installation of our Gang Optimizer at Carrier & Bégin, Inc.

"Their 28 years of experience in our industry is a sign of respect and active listening for their clients." Christian Carrier (Carrier & Bégin, Inc.)

Posted on October 02, 2015

The technical collaboration between Carrier & Bégin Inc. sawmill and Autolog began in 1999 with the start-up of three transverse optimizers at their St-Honoré-de-Shenley sawmill.  These three systems control the edger, gang and multi-saw trimmer equipment supplied by PHL.  Autolog also supplied the controls for the above-mentioned equipment in order to process pieces up to 18’ long.

The lifespan of an optimizer varies between 5 to 7 years; after that time, it becomes harder to find replacement parts to maintain the equipment in operation, technical expertise deteriorates notwithstanding the technological advancements offered with the new systems.

In 2010, Autolog made the decision to redesign all of its optimizers.  Due to the development and installation of several hundred of these systems in sawmills around the world, it became necessary to benefit from the technological advances offered in the marketplace and make them available to their clients.  Carrier & Bégin Inc. was offered state-of-the-art technology to replace their old gang edger, assuring them optimal performance based on the best components and Autolog’s 28 years of experience in the lumber industry.      

Highlighted below are some of the main advantages offered by the new Autolog optimizer:

  • Heavy duty scanner frame with adjustable sensor’s location taking into account the chain races position
  • Class II eye safe sensors offer a reading every 1/4" with 3000 scans/second
  • Sensors covered by a 2 year warranty
  • Sensors mounted at an angle for a more precise reading of the boards’ edges and a reduction in the cleaning frequency (no air line required)
  • Windows 7 software
  • User interface completely redesigned to simplify the parameters of operation
  • Optimization software completely redesigned taking into account the technology available and the experience acquired at Autolog over the last 28 years
  • Possibility of connecting several optimizers on a network
  • Expanded production report     

It is important to note that the STD type of controls (standard black box equipment for many sawmills) has been replaced by programmable logic controller technology. The Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® family of PLC is now used as the preferred controller for all Autolog control systems. This standard equipment is available through local distributors of electrical equipment and will be supported for several years to come.

The new Autolog optimizer, in operation since 2014, offers a superior yield, increased reliability and a reduced maintenance schedule.  

For Mr. Christian Carrier, General Manager at Carrier & Bégin Inc., Autolog is a supplier of choice that works continuously to improve its products while ensuring a rigorous follow up for any questions or special requests. “Their 28 years of experience in our industry is a sign of respect and active listening for their clients.”


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