Drying Optimizer - Saptek®

The Saptek® Drying Optimizer provides a completely automatic method of sorting lumber into two groups based on moisture content.

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The overall results mean more uniform packages in terms of drying characteristics. Therefore, kilns will be easier to operate and moisture content after drying will be more uniform.

The Saptek® Drying Optimizer utilizes an alcohol-based chemical reagent that is sprayed on the end of the lumber. A vision system analyzes the color of the chemical reaction to determine whether the piece of lumber belongs to the group requiring longer drying time (fir) or the group requiring shorter drying time (spruce and pine).

  • Drying sorting accuracy above 96%
  • More uniform species sorting
  • Reduction in lumber downgrading
  • Kilns are easier to operate (more uniform drying time and moisture content after drying)

Made in accordance with FPInnovations licence. Patented in Canada and USA.

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  • Positioned at the sawmill, between the trimmer and the sorter
  • Patented technology («Automatic lumber sorting (patent CA 2270274, US 6072890)»)
  • The reactive product (Saptek®) is ethanol based 
  • Non-contact detection system
  • Vision system linked to a computer
  • The space required is the equivalent of 1 second of travel time (e.g. for a linear speed of 55"/sec, 55" would be required)
  • Long lasting and stable LED lights
  • Reliable, tried and proven detection system
  • Safe and guaranteed supply of reactive product (Saptek®)
  • New interface generation