i-DNA Species Identification

Identifies wood species using Spectrometry and Deep Learning

i-DNA sensor i-DNA sensor RVS Curve User Interface
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There are many advantages to the technology: it makes it possible, among other things, to reduce costs compared to manual classification, in addition to improving value, volume, and recovery during sawmilling operations. 

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  • Fully autonomous system: independent of the optimizer
  • Using state of the art Deep Learning Neural Network
  • Wavelength coverage 4 times greater than standard visual system
  • Increases the quality of drying and reduces the overall drying cost
  • Speeds up the drying process by sorting the lumber properly
  • Precision better than 97% for species identification
  • Wavelength from 400 nm to 2400 nm
  • Linear line speed up to 60"/sec
  • Color camera for color coded teaching/verifying performance
  • No computer room needed, everything can be installed near the production line
  • Autolog sensor head with auto calibration for the spectrometer
  • Easy performance verification in production
  • Can be installed before or after an optimizer
  • Easy integration with an existing Autolog UI