I have a question about your systems, but I don’t know who to contact. What should I do?

Call our Customer Service Department at 1-450-970-2113 (1-450-970-2112 in French). Capable and versatile staff will be on hand to respond to your queries and will be able to assist you with all your needs, even with those that are most specific.


Should the laser heads be changed often?

No. The latest laser heads that we use are extremely reliable and the only maintenance required is basic cleaning.


What is a centilug?

A centilug is a relative measure of distance which depends on the space between two lugs on the same chain. This is in fact the measure of the distance between the two lugs in one chain divided by 100. On the same production line, the dimension value of a centilug can therefore vary if there are different lug widths on different lug chains.


Do your grading systems detect rot?

Yes. Rot is detected by our automated grade optimizer with the help of image processing at the planing stage.


Do your grading systems detect the direction and angle of tracheids?

Yes, our automated grade optimizer measures and detects wood grain or tracheid direction and orientation during planing.


Does your trimming optimizer allow for cutting in two?

Yes. It’s even possible to cut more than two products within the same piece, depending on the position of your saws.


Do your sawing systems take into account size after drying and planing?

Yes. We use the principal of a piece within a piece in sawing, meaning that geometrical defects (wane, omission, holes) are calculated on a minimum dimension/size that you determine and which is different from the target or real dimension.


Our factory operates at night. Do you provide service during these hours?

Of course! Our dedicated service team provides phone service 24/7.


My sawmill already has a scanning frame. Would it be possible to keep the frame and install new laser heads on it, and then upgrade to the new version of the Autolog interface/optimizer software?

Absolutely! We can install new laser heads and even keep your old ones on an old Autolog frame or even on a competitor’s optimizer frame, which will require a few mechanical modifications. Our latest interface and optimizer software will be installed and will enable you to manage your trimming or edging lines in the most efficient way in the industry.


I have wood “going around in circles” at my sawmill. The trimming optimizer sends the piece to the edger, while the edger doesn’t carry out the edging work on the piece and sends it for grading. What can I do in this case?

First, make sure that your two optimizers are set to the same product . Otherwise, to avoid this type of situation, we recommend that you tighten the wane parameters on the edger by 5 to 10%. If you still have pieces going around in circles, this is probably due to the position of the chain supports under your scanning frames which are positioned in different places, and consequently change the modeling of the piece. Ask the operator to turn the piece, bringing the far end towards the closer end. We also offer a product that enables you to mark these types of pieces to identify problem cases.


Our factory doesn’t use any automated optimizer or grader. Will we benefit financially by using one?

Definitely. The return on investment is generally less than one year for most of our products. A sawing optimizer enables not only the speeding up of a sawmill’s production, but also increases the value of your pieces and reduces your consumption factors. Furthermore, unlike people, the automated optimizer or grader never takes a vacation and never gets tired.


How can I obtain a time bank for service calls?

By contacting our Customer Service Department at 1-450-970-2113 (in French 1-450-970-2112).