Carriage Optimizer at Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd

Posted on January 09, 2019

Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of Hardwood Lumber and White Pine Lumber.

The lumber species they offer include birch, hard maple, red oak, white pine, red pine, basswood and aspen.

Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd turned to Autolog when the time came for them to change their Carriage Optimizer system, as their needs were no longer being met by their current system and it was becoming increasingly difficult to purchase spare parts.

They chose to partner with us as our system allows for the best log scanning in the industry with multiple laser lines spaced at 5" for an accurate profile reading every 1" along the length of the log. We also provide the user with an easy way to learn the system through our user-friendly interface. Other key factors that contributed to their decision-making was the fact that our system is also available in French and the need for support or a quick intervention is easily accessible since our offices are close in proximity to one another.

When asked how they compare their new Autolog system with the old one we replaced, Mr. Guy Brière, Plant Manager at Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd, quoted our system to be much more efficient, with best opening face, excellent recovery and well detailed reports. He also specified that some of the most important features were that there is no black box and that we offer an excellent service, rating the overall quality of our system very high.

Customer experience is of the utmost importance to us, our client’s needs come first, from the initial contact to our after-sale service and support, we approach every project with a desire to understand our customer’s need and to deliver accordingly. Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd can attest to that as they shared with us that from the onset of our project, our system was very well explained by our representative, we had a well detailed plan supported by a great installation team and a good follow through by the project manager. We were also readily available to address any unforeseen issues.

Snapshot or continuous scan function modes with up to 120 scans per second, smallest laser line spacing in the industry, will fit any mechanical configuration, True Shape modelling, etc. are among some of the many key features our Carriage Optimizer system has to offer. To learn more, visit our Carriage Optimizer product page.

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