New Trimmer Optimizer & Controls at Eacom (Val d'Or division)

Eacom recently completed the installation of a new trimmer optimizer system at their Val d’Or mill, including the controls for a 46 bins’ sorting line.

Posted on May 02, 2016

The previous system was in operation for more than 15 years and was showing serious signs of reliability issues, not to mention the difficulty finding replacement parts on the market.

The new optimizer as well as the controls for the line were provided by Autolog. The 10’ optimizer includes a mechanical modular structure which ensures a quick set-up and assembly. The modular design allows for an easy installation at mills with even the most difficult access, without having to open the roof. This technique ensures substantial cost savings to the client.

The Autolog optimizer is supplied with Hermary® scanners mounted at 45° enabling four faces image reading, providing an increased level of precision as well as a reduction in cleaning intervals. It scans every ¼" and offers the best measurement resolution on the market. The system is delivered with the new Autolog software that was entirely developed by the technical group over the last few years.

The controls for the line were achieved with a PLC ControlLogix® system from Allen-Bradley® which meet the highest standards in North America’s wood industry.

The entire project was achieved over a period of 9 days (2 weekends, one of which was 3 days, and 4 business days).

According to Mr. Claude St-Martin, General Manager at Eacom Timber Corporation (Val d'Or Division):

Autolog's staff adapted quickly to our needs and along with our respective team managed to set up the new optimizer and controls on schedule. Advanced technology, innovative modular frame, user friendly interface and quality components are core features of our new system. Autolog demonstrated throughout the project consistent professional ethics which leads me to recommend this supplier for any similar project.


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