Transverse Edger Optimizer

The Autolog Transverse Edger Optimizer allows for the best board scanning in the industry with an outstanding 0.25" scan density.

Modular Scanner Frame - Transverse Optimizer Modular Scanner Frame - Transverse Optimizer Transverse Edger Optimizer Sensors at 45 degrees - Transverse Optimizer Transverse Edger Optimizer Transverse Edger Optimizer Transverse Edger Optimizer Transverse Edger Optimizer
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Our brand new user interface provides unrivaled experience through our simplified menu including unique possibilities.

  • Configurable for multiple edger saws and for reman head or saw
  • Wane, skip, warp, bevel and side holes detection
  • Grading by best and reverse faces for appearance products
  • Possibility of adding a low quality (example: hit and miss skips in a maximum of 10% of the pieces)
  • Uses Hermary Dual Profile Board Scanner providing the highest reliability in the industry
  • History of the last 1,000 optimized boards and built-in simulator Linear configuration in option

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  • Heavy duty scanner frame with adjustable sensor’s location
  • Best scan profile with 45° sensor orientation providing highest width resolution and debris falling out of sensor path. No air line required.
  • Definition of the geometry of the edges improved
  • Visible class II eye safe laser technology
  • Optimizes according to planer target dimensions
  • Real-time optimization based on product price or volume
  • Simplified architecture, user friendly interface and improved solutions
  • User can simulate, do board capture and advanced solution analysis without interfering with the production
  • High definition user interface works like a web browser allowing up to five tabs to open at the same time
  • Customizable, independent and secured by a password user session
  • Optimization advanced analysis tool, allowing independent defect analysis based on the user’s choice
  • Real-time downgrades justification
  • Fast and easy calibration
  • Logfile, alarm history and automatic save archives
  • Cutting edge software and hardware architecture
  • Integrated report system