Recirculation Reduction System

The Autolog Recirculation Deletion System allows for the elimination of pieces that turn around in the sawmill between the trimmer and the edger.

Recirculation Deletion System Recirculation Deletion System
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The trimmer optimizer identifies the return pieces with a paint mark. The edger optimizer then detects this mark and eliminates from its solutions those sending the piece to the sorter.

This method allows for exactly the same wane parameters at the trimmer and the edger: you would not need to be more severe at the edger in order to ensure the reduction of these “merry-go-round” pieces. By having less severe wane parameters at the edger, you will edge the slabs with more tolerance and recuperate all the precious volume of wood.

  • Completely eliminates the pieces turning around between the trimmer and the edger
  • Allows for the same grade parameters at the trimmer and the edger
  • The slabs going to the edger will be edged according to exactly the same wane parameters than the trimmer
  • It becomes useless to set more severe edger parameters to avoid recirculation and then lose volume on each slab
  • Uses simple colored water jet at the trimmer
  • No modification needed at the trimmer optimizer
  • Uses a camera system at the edger (1 to 3 depending on the wood lines)