Grade Stamp Printer ProGSP - Hardwood

The second generation Autolog Grade Stamp Printer builds on our reputation of high print quality, durability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership.

Grade Stamp Printer ProGSP - Hardwood Grade Stamp Printer ProGSP - Hardwood Grade Stamp Printer ProGSP - Hardwood
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Intuitive user-friendly interface and modular design allows hassle-free integration and reduces your dependency on your line control by streamlining board data commands.

  • Industrial robust design entirely enclosed protecting the components from impacts and saw dust
  • High speed, high quality printing with the integrated inkjet printing technology
  • Replaces DOD (Dot On Demand) printers which have limited printing capabilities
  • Unique double speed mode allowing to print at double the maximum specified speed by resolution (ex.: 300 dpi at up to 450 feet/minute)
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  • Intuitive user-friendly user/control interface
  • Offline print template editor (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet)
  • Configurable line control data exchange table (no software modification required)
  • Configurable print rules table minimizing the integration in the line control system
  • Customizable print heads arrangement available at purchase
  • Automatic print job loading with configurable data trigger (ex.: thickness)
  • Compact printer box specifically designed for the hardwood application
  • Integrated laser diffuse sensor for board presence
  • Bulk ink holder assembly with empty detect
  • Serial ASCII configurable protocol and EthernetIP (PLC and Logix5000) communication support