Dynamic Grading Zone

The Autolog Dynamic Grading Zone is a powerful tool for manual quality control at the planer mill.

Dynamic Grading Zone Dynamic Grading Zone
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It consists of a row of LED lights placed on the chain races after the optimizer, parallel to the wood flow. It takes advantage of a larger grading zone which allows more time to the grader to make a decision.

When a board passes above the Dynamic Grading Zone, the LED lights just below it will turn on in a color depending on the grade given by the ProGrader and will follow the board during the entire period it is above the row of LED lights. It is during that time that the grader can manually modify the optimizer solution using a button on a console or a mark on the board.

  • Shows the optimizer solution and allows modifying it for a longer period of time
  • No need for ink or spray paint system
  • Works great on chains without lugs Patented technology