R-TRAC Rotation Tracking

R-TRAC Rotation Tracking: Gets it right the first time!

R-TRAC Rotation Tracking R-TRAC Rotation Tracking Sensor Sensor_2 Live View
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  • R-TRAC is a sensor that takes live degree measurements while the log is rotating
  • Speed up to 600 ft/min (175 m/min) and logs of 4" to 24" (10 cm to 60 cm)
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  • Fully autonomous system: independent of the log optimizer geometric model
  • Works with all types of log turners no matter which optimizer brand is installed
  • No mechanical modifications required to the log turner or infeed chain
  • Very easy integration with the log turner control system - allows closed loop feedback on log turners
  • based on the rotation
  • Turns the log perfectly each time without the need to correct the turning at the end
  • Maintains continuous reading while the log is in the field of view
  • Significantly reduces the spread of rotation errors, hence significant gain on yield
  • Precision: better than 5 degrees of standard deviation using all data (no outliers removed)
  • Maximum speed: 600 ft/min (175 m/min)
  • Log diameters: 4" to 24" (10 cm to 60 cm)
  • Industrial and robust sensors
  • No computer room needed, everything can be installed near the log turner
  • Real-time system
  • Advanced statistical tools to help track the performance of the turners
  • Alarms to detect the divergence compared to the optimizer command
  • Possibility to install an independent Rotation Verification System