Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood

The Autolog Carriage Optimizer allows for the best log scanning in the industry with its full-profile scanner every 5" at high frequency.

Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood Controls Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood Controls Carriage Optimizer - Hardwood
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  • Linear scan with encoder or snapshot scan function modes
  • Best opening face (BOF) or Minimum opening face (MOF) optimization modes
  • Supports curve sawing systems True Shape modelling
  • Unlimited production parameter files

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  • Unlimited number of configurable products and optimization based on price or volume
  • Configurable prioritization of the boards produced in the cant vs those produced in the slab
  • Will fit any mechanical configuration
  • Full optimization of the log considering the turning sequence
  • Considers wane and skip of the boards in the optimization
  • Possibility of excluding products in predetermined logs (for example, not doing 6' long boards in 16' and longer logs)
  • High precision ScanMeg full-profile scanner reaches an accuracy of 0.025"
  • Visible class II eye safe laser technology
  • Optimizes according to planer target dimensions
  • Simplified architecture, user friendly interface and improved solutions
  • User can simulate and do board capture without interfering with the production
  • Customizable, independent and secured by a password user session
  • Fast and easy calibration
  • Logfile, alarm history and automatic save archives
  • Cutting edge software and hardware architecture
  • Integrated report system