Our team

Autolog’s success during the past 35 years is based on the expertise, the creativity, the professionalism and the ingenuity of its employees. Every member participates in the design and improvement of our products to satisfy the requirements of our clients in order to increase their quality and productivity. Together, we do make a difference!

Our team
Our employees were not all present when this photo was taken.


Congratulations to our employees! 

We are proud to commend the innovation and outstanding contribution of five members of our team for the development of our new modular frame for our line of transverse optimizers. We would also like to thank all those who supported the success of this project.

The new modular structure ensures a quick and easy installation at mills with even the most difficult access, eliminating the need to open the roof. This technique ensures substantial costs savings to the client.

Employee pic for new modular frame design

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Autolog recognizes and values the loyalty, ingenuity and commitment of all of its employees.

Our team of over 100 professionals is made up of highly dedicated specialists representing the best in their field of expertise.

Congratulations to the members of our team who recently celebrated their 5, 10, 15 and 20 year work anniversary at Autolog.

Autolog Employee Anniversaries



We are proud to commend the outstanding contribution of two members of our technical team for the reengineering of the ProGrader’s UV print head. The new design significantly reduces maintenance time as it allows for the part containing the valves to be replaced easily and quickly.

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We are proud to commend the innovation and outstanding work of four members of our team who have contributed significantly to the development of our new double laser tracheid sensor (TBS2).

The TBS2 uses tracheid data to detect knots and unsound wood (no vision), works on light colored knots (blond knots) and reduces false detection and improves sizing.

TBS2 innovation poster

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